We have most of the greenhouse planted now as well as the garden. I am hoping to plant some extra that maybe we can sell in a month or so, but so far I haven’t gotten that far yet. I am pleased with how the planting is coming along so far and hope that it will continue to get better this year with the greenhouse in a new location.

We only planted one tomato in the greenhouse this year and the rest in the garden. We got a strawberry plant and bell pepper plant that we put in and they are both doing well and will hopefully be producing soon.




I’ve planted my herbs in my big planter. So far nothing is coming up but I have only planted it a week or two ago so I should start seeing something there too.


I have other herbs planted as well that are just starting to come up so I should have a good harvest this year. With planting more than we need I should be able to dry and save more too.

I am so looking forward to how everything will do this year and I pray that we have a good harvest for ourselves and for what ever I can provide for our neighbors as well. This will hopefully turn out to be a good year.

Have a great day!



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