So we have started our garden this year and so far it’s off to a good start. We have planted feed for the animals and for us and everything seems to be coming up nicely already. We are working on a better way to water the garden because it is so large.

We planted alfalfa and other graze for the animals along with wheat grass for them too. The alfalfa is coming in very nicely and you can see the wheat grass in the back. All of this is going to help us to be more self-sufficient and not have to rely on the stores as much.

The vegetables for us are planted in this section and are starting to come up as well. I am looking forward to being able to feed the family out of our garden this year. I am hoping there will also be enough to can some for the winter time. Although our growing season is longer than most because of the weather here so that helps us quite a bit too.

The corn is coming up now too. It’s about a foot tall now. However, the corn and wheat require a lot of water. Because of this we are working on a way to try to water more efficiently and with less waste. Aarron plans on putting all the water from the house to the garden as well. Well, the grey water anyway. All of the sinks will be routed to a holding tank so that we can water the garden from there.

We are hoping this will allow us to water the garden without spending more on water than is absolutely necessary. Or that is plan anyway. So here’s to planning. I would love to hear what you’re doing on your homestead. What are you planning for this year? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Have a great day!


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