We all know that homesteading and farming can be messy. Or at least I know that ours is a lot of time. We have scrap laying around that Aarron uses to build what we need all over the place. Usually where he is working on them. Aarron builds just about everything we need here out of this scrap that we get. One of the things he put together was this playground for the grand babies to play in.


He did this to ensure that the little ones stay safe but can still play outside. All of their outside toys are kept in the playground and it is surrounded by fencing to keep them in an area that is safe for them to play in. I know that our youngest grand child loves to go out there and play for a while every day.


The next project for the playground is to put up a shade because this area is all open and the sun gets pretty brutal here in the desert in the summer time. Of course the kids don’t mind, but again the concept here is to make sure they have a safe area to play in. So the shade will make it just a little safer because they won’t be out in the sun all day.


I know that the youngest one absolutely loves to go outside all the time. I have to make sure that he is out in the mornings or the evenings because right now this area has no shade. So far it’s not over 100 degrees here yet, but it will be soon. For the time being he goes out in the morning and the evening so that the sun is not at it’s hottest. I’m pretty sure he would live out there if I would let him. He loves it. Once the shade goes up he will be able to stay out longer but not yet. At least he is safe though.

Have a great day!


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