Belanko Whistling Tea Pot

I received this Belanko Whistling Tea Pot for free or at a discount for my honest review. If you would like to see my full disclosure click here.

I have to say that I adore this tea pot! I had been look for a new one for a while now and I think I finally found the one I want to use.

This kettle will whistle when the water begins to boil. It starts out soft and grows in intensity as the water gets warmer. I love the color of this pot. The pictures don’t show it very well but it is a beautiful powder blue that matches perfectly with my kitchen. I will be using this tea pot for a long time to come.

If you look closely at the handle, you will see a trigger there which is used to open the pour spout. It even stays open on it’s own. After you pull the trigger to open the pour spout, there is a button on top of the handle that is used to close the pour spout. I love that you don’t have to mess with the pour spout at all. The pot does everything but fill itself and pour your hot water.

I really wish that you could see the color better because it really is a beautiful color. I thought that when it got here it would not be like it was shown, but I am so happy that it is. You can get this tea pot here:

I would love to know if you have purchased this tea pot and what you thought about it. I have only used this twice so far, so I would love to hear from someone who has used this longer. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts on this kettle are.

Have a great day!


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