Colostrum Powder

I received this Colostrum Powder for free or at a discount for my honest review. To see my full disclosure click here.

Colostrum is so very important to animal babies so I guess it stands to reason that it could be good for people as well. Pure Velvet Extracts believes this to be the case so they have colostrum powder that can be added to your diet.

According to the website, colostrum is good for several things such as one’s immune system. This is what it does for newborn calves so why wouldn’t it do the same thing for people. The calf must get colostrum in the first 24 hours of life or many times they will not survive. The cow will produce colostrum for a couple days until the milk supply comes in. This colostrum provides the newborn calf everything it needs to start off life such as vitamins and minerals. The colostrum also helps to get the digestion system and immune system kicked off so the calf will live. This is supposed to provide many of the same benefits to humans.

This colostrum has been produced ethically and in a GMP certified facility. This is made completely GMO free and made in the USA. I am all for supporting companies in the USA. This would be good for athletes and gym goers or for people just looking to work toward better health. This powder will help with gut health and immune system function too.


You can get this from the Pure Velvet Extracts site at:

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