Planting Season

So last month was planting time here in Arizona. I love this time of year because it’s not too hot yet and I can be outside a lot. I love to be outdoors but in the summer time it gets very hard for me to get outside. I can usually only be out in the early morning and the late evenings so this time of year is almost perfect for me. Any how, we have been very busy trying to get things done around here and the planting is one of those things we have been trying to get done. I think we are almost done now, but there have been some big changes this year that will hopefully work well.


The picture above is the new greenhouse area. We have an awning on the trailer that we live in so we enclosed the awning with screen and this is going to be our new greenhouse area. I have started planting in here our herbs and we also have strawberries and blueberries growing in here so far. I am going to plant some of our vegetables in here as well this year and see how they do as well.

We have started growing tobacco this year as well. So far we have only had a couple come up so we are going to try to plant a few more in the area and possibly in the greenhouse too so we can figure out where this will grow the best.

Near the tobacco we have also planted some wheat. This is just starting to come up now so hopefully it will do well here. Of course we also planted a lot of wheat in the garden this year too so we should have plenty for us and the animals. Or at least that is the hope.


We have finally got the garden planted as well and it is just starting to sprout stuff. We planted quite a bit this year so that hopefully we have a little extra that maybe we can sell or trade for other things we need. I am really looking forward to harvest this year and hope it will be a good one.

Have a great day!


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