Worlds Okayest Gamer Shirt

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I got this shirt for my daughter because we like to tease each other about everything. She likes to game on Xbox and always says she is “ok” as a gamer so when this review came up, I had to have it!

She, like me, is not thrilled about having her picture taken, but she does love the shirt. She says it fits good, so the size is about right on for the XL. It appears to be made well and has gone through the wash a couple times now and is holding up great so far.

To get this shirt you need to go here: This Gray color is the only color that I believe is available but my daughter loves the look of it. I don’t think the pictures really do it much justice. The shirt is softish. Meaning that it is soft, but I have felt softer materials. However, that doesn’t seem to detract from the way my daughter feels about it.



The lettering appears to be done well too, because after a few washings, it is still there and doesn’t seem to be pulling up anywhere. I know in the past I have received or bought a few shirts that the lettering starts to come off after just one or two washings so I happily impressed that this one did not do that. My hope is that this shirt will last for a bit of time.

As a gamer my daughter also has a stream that she does for her gaming located here if you would like to check it out. She is also on Facebook and Instagram. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, go check out the World’s Okayest Gamer!

Have a great day!


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