Record Keeping

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Record keeping is probably the hardest part of homesteading for me. It can be tedious and just plain boring. However, if you make money on your homestead, Uncle Sam has to have his share, therefore record keeping is probably one of the most important parts of homesteading.


For the most part, I try to keep track of everything from the animals to the garden. I want to know what comes in and what goes out and the reason for it leaving. Of course you have to keep track of income and expenses too. Since we sell out animals, we have to record everything that we do with or to them as well.



We sell our chicken eggs, so that is another thing we keep track of. I record how many we get every day. I record how much they eat every day. I record how much we spend on their feed every time we need to buy it. I even keep track of any time one seems sick and what we do to help that bird.



I have bought a few different record keeping systems, but I haven’t found one that I really like so far. I think I like certain parts of different systems so I have put them together to suit me. You really need to find what works for you and use it. Look around online, there are some that are free and some that you have to pay for, but you really need something that will help you to track your homestead.

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