Soap Dispenser

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I love the looks of this soap dispenser. It has an expensive look to it when it really isn’t expensive at all.


There is a plastic bottle inside the container that the soap goes into. There is no way to open the outer container so if the inside bottle breaks, there is no way that I can see to replace it. At that point, I’m not sure this would be usable any longer. I guess it would depend on if or how it breaks on the inside. If you don’t get the top screwed on right, it will pop off very easily so just make sure you have it on right and it screws on tight. These are the only two things I have found about this that I don’t like.


I love that this looks like an expensive soap dispenser. I love the marble look on the outside. I like that they have other items available that can go with this dispenser. I love the way it looks period.


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