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This post contains sponsored links. To see my full disclosure, click here. Did you know there is a way to make your Pinterest pins stand out? There is really. By carefully choosing your fonts you can make sure that your pins will stand out from the crowd. There are so many different places you can go to find fonts too that this can be a chore just to look for and find the right font for your work. However, there is one company out there that has many different fonts on their site. There are even some free ones that you can get to use right away.

I have only spent a few moments on this site and have found so many fun fonts that could be used for so many different applications. Looking for a font for a party invitation, they have it. Looking for a professional font for your business needs, they have that too. They have probably any font type that you could use. Some of course, you have to pay for but why not check out the font freebies website that has all the fonts that you may need and some that may just feel the need that you have to have them. Any project that you may need to work on they will have something for you. There are some beautiful cursive fonts that would be perfect for any kind of personal project such as invitations or announcements. There are professional looking fonts for any type of business project or resume. If you look on Google for free fonts, there are so many different sites that you could chose from so how do you know which one to pick? The easy response is to find one that someone else has used and would recommend. Font Bundles is on the first page of the google search and a site I have used before. I love all the different fonts they have available and have used them in the past. I imagine that I will continue to use them in the future too because they have so many to choose from, they make it easy to keep coming back. The site is easy to use and easy to find so I can’t see any reason to not use them.

These fonts work really well with Canva too. You could make your own business cards or pins. Canva is great for doing all these things. We created the flyer for my dad using Canva. They are easy and the fonts work really with Canva. Creating pins on Canva is so easy and you can make the fonts work perfectly. No matter what it is that you are trying to accomplish, you will be able to find a font to match your needs. For this reason alone, the website is worth so much and they have some fonts for free! How can you beat that?

So, if you’re looking for font options there is really only one place to go. Font freebies website will help you to find the font that you need for the project you are working on, no matter what that project may be. Need something simple? They have it. Need something fancy? They have that too. Need something in between the two, I’m sure you can find that as well. They should have something to fit every need and when working with Canva, they are so easy to use. You can make any project stand out to the point of excellence no matter the reason for the project. Another area I could see using these fonts would be a child’s project for school. This site has so many different fonts, there will be something for a student to use in a report or other type of paper for school. I know that most schools require a font such as Times New Roman that is easy to read, but the site has several other fonts that are just as easy to read yet look better than Times New Roman. What better way to format a paper or school project than by using a font that is different from the rest of your classmates but yet is still easy enough to read that it won’t get your student in trouble with his or her teacher. This would be an easy way for your student to get better marks on their school work. Have a great day! Renee

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