Eggs: Wash or Not

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The question I seem to see more often than anything else about chickens is: Do you wash your eggs or not? and why? Well the only thing I can say, is this is mostly up to you, but it is not necessary to wash them before storing them. I have found that the U.S. is the only place that even refrigerates eggs. 

 You can place your eggs, unwashed on the counter for longer than they will last in the refrigerator. However, they have to be unwashed. Eggs are laid with a bloom on them that will keep all the bacteria out of them and keeps them longer. Once you wash the eggs, they must go in the refrigerator though. I keep mine on the counter.

There are many different types of egg wash available on the market. I have the wipes because they are very convenient. I will say that if you have to wash them, they have to be cooled. They cannot sit on the counter at this point. If I have a really dirty egg, then I will wash it. Then it goes in the fridge. Most of the time they are on the counter though. There are also washes that you could use in the sink or in a bucket with a rag such as this one, this one, or this one. Any one of these will work. That or just straight water out of the faucet.

What ever you decide, there is no wrong way. Just know that once they are refrigerated, they must always be refrigerated. You cannot go back and forth with this. Also remember that once they are washed, they must be refrigerated. Unless you are working toward NPIP certification, you don’t have to wash or refrigerate them.

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