Green house Progress

 This has been an odd year. We usually have about a week to get the glass put up on the greenhouse so that we can continue to grow during the winter months. This year we had one day. So, of course it didn’t get done because it takes us at least 3 days to get them all up.

So needless to say, we lost everything in the greenhouse this year. This is a first for us. However, neither of us watch the news so we had no idea that a freeze was coming. We were enjoying 80 degree days. Then on Friday we only got up to 65 and it froze that night. 

We can usually tell when the first freeze is coming because we will have a few days in the 70’s first then it will drop to the 60’s then it will freeze. We got no warning this year. So, if the weather is going to be weird, I guess one of us will have to start watching the news so we are aware of changes before they get here.

The only things that are still growing are the parsley and my brussels sprout plant. We lost everything else. So, I am going to wait until March to start over again.

Have a great day!


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