Garden Progress

 I know when you see the pictures it really doesn’t look like progress, but we are making progress toward next year’s garden now. 

So while everything has died (we got a quick freeze and didn’t have time to prepare for it), we are working on making sure the soil will be ready for the garden next year. We will likely begin planting in March or so hopefully. However, this has been a strange year all the way around and we were not really able to get ready for the freeze that hit a couple weeks ago.

So, even though the tomato plants themselves have died, we’ve still had a few that ripened this week. We have since shifted the focus to soil for the rest of the winter. Aarron has been spreading the compost over the garden and in March, just before we plant, he will till everything under and we will start again.

We are working to become certified organic so we have to show what has been put on the land for the last 3 years. There can be no prohibited chemicals for 3 years before you can get the certification. Thankfully we have been here that long so hopefully it won’t be too hard to do. We shall see.

That is what is happening with the garden for the time being.

Have a great day!


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