Incubating Eggs

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So now that you have your incubator, what’s next? You put your eggs in it! I know it’s not just that easy but basically it is. You will want to run it first to get it up to temperature. I always turn mine on for about 20 minutes before placing the eggs. This is the incubator that I have. 

Once I have the incubator up to temperature, then I add the water to the bottom to start getting the humidity where it needs to be. The beginning humidity is lower than when they are getting ready to hatch. I believe the humidity at first should be around 50%. When the chicks are within 3 days of hatching, what is called the lockdown period, the humidity needs to be closer to 90%.

You can see the waterline in the above picture. You don’t need much to get the humidity right. I check the water level every couple days during the 21 day incubation to make sure that there is at least this much water in it to keep the humidity where it needs to be.

Then you place your eggs inside the auto turner. You can see the rod in the picture above and this goes into the slot of the auto turner when you put the lid on. This will ensure they are turned every day. I could have put 4 more eggs in there, but I didn’t have them.

At day 19 you will remove the auto turner and the plate the eggs are sitting on. There is another plate under this one that you will place the eggs onto for the hatching phase. This is where you will also add more water to bring the humidity up higher. Then place the lid back on and don’t open it until all eggs have hatched.

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