Choosing the Best Incubator For You

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If you have chickens, eventually you will probably want to hatch your own chickens. Many times the hens will do this for you. However, if you get hens like I did at first, they did not go broody for about 3 years so I had to get an incubator. Which one do you get though? That is a great question. The answer is a bit difficult to give though because it will depend on what you want to do. Are you going to incubate just for yourself? Are you going to incubate for others? Are you going to try to sell the chicks? Each answer will help you determine what incubator you need.

The incubator I chose to use is the one pictured below. I got it off Ebay, but you can find incubators at most any feed store and of course online. The one is got is pretty small because my thought at the time I got it was that I would only be incubating for myself. However, I have had others ask me to incubate for them as well. This one will hold 3 to 9 eggs in the auto turner. If you don’t use the auto turner you can fit up to 15ish chicken eggs. You can find this one here.

There are so many different incubators to choose from. This can be a good thing though. There are small ones such as this one

And large ones such as this one. 

I prefer the auto turner because I tend to forget to turn them so that is a must for me, but if you can remember to turn them then it may not be for you. I absolutely love the incubator that I have because it holds the temperature well and the humidity is easy to see. For me this works perfect. I tried to use a bigger one and I could not get the humidity right now matter what I did.

I would recommend starting with a smaller incubator and moving up to a larger one if you need to. But for me I will stay with the one I have because I get about 98% hatch rate from it.

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