Christmas Lights in Marana

 So Aarron and I went to a drive through Christmas Light show here in Marana this year since Winterhaven was canceled. I have to say, the residents of Marana and Avra Valley put the Town of Marana’s light show to shame.

So first the light show from the Town of Marana, then I will post the photos of the residents houses and you be the judge of who did better.

Town of Marana drive through show

The only thing that is missing from these pictures is a green Christmas tree that was done in the middle of the round a bout on Marana Main St.

Now for the residents:

These are just the houses we saw on the way back home from the Town of Marana Show. There are many more that have already decorated for Christmas that are not pictured here. But I enjoyed seeing what the residents here did. I thought the drive through light show was not even worth the gas to get there and back.

What are do you think? Who did better?

Have a great day!


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