Winterizing your Water Pipes

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 If you own any type of animal, you know that water is an important part of their life. This is also true for livestock. For this reason it is important to make sure that your pipes are ready for winter so that you are not without water for any time. I think probably the most important reason though, would be to save money.

This is the water pipe at the front of the yard. Both of these pipes will need to be wrapped for winter. While yes, I do live in the desert, we do still get down to freezing or a little below freezing a few weeks every year. The pipe cover that we use is this one or something similar. I think this year we actually got a different brand.

These and the one’s similar to it are easy to use, you just cut them to size and wrap them around the pipe. Then you tape them to make sure they stay put. Your faucet will look like the one below when you’re done. These are very easy to use and they work wonderfully here too.

 This one is already done and it has been taped to make sure that it will stay put. These will actually last for more than a year if they are protected during our summer heat, otherwise you may have to replace them every year. Aarron has also made boxes that we can place over the risers if it is going to be really cold. He places a light under the box to help make sure the actual spicket doesn’t freeze because they are usually left open.

Making sure that your water pipes are protected in the winter will save you money and time because you won’t have to replace them or fix a waterline that broke due to freezing. This is just one important step that we take every winter to ensure our homestead keeps running smoothly.

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