Greenhouse Progress

 So within the next couple weeks we will be putting the glass back up around the greenhouse so that we can continue to use it over the winter. We have an unseasonably warm winter so far this year but it seems like it is starting to finally cool off. So far, the greenhouse is still doing really good. Everything is still growing and the tomatoes are finally starting to get bigger.

My bell peppers are still producing as well. We are so lucky to have a longer growing season here than in most places. I am very thankful for that as we have been relying more on the garden and greenhouse this year and hopefully more so next year.

I know you can’t really see it, but that pepper plant has about 5 peppers on it right now. The one in the ground has 2 or 3. The bell peppers off this plant have a sweeter taste than anything we can get at the store. 

I am so blessed that we have been able to grow everything here in the greenhouse with absolutely no chemicals. Even the soil is our own compost from the house so there are no chemicals in any of it. This has been an all natural greenhouse for the last 3 years now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we have been able to grow in our greenhouse.

Have a great day!


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