Garden Progress

 We got our first freeze the other night. Of course we will be in the 90’s again by Halloween so our growing season still moves on. I am hoping that we won’t get extremely cold this year. We usually only have a few days here and there with temps below 40ish at night, however, occasionally we do have some rough winters where we have weeks below 30 so I am hoping that won’t be this year.

So because it got to freezing last night, we had to make sure everything was covered so the freeze didn’t kill everything. I am glad to say, that it appears everything made it through the freeze with no issues. 

If you look really close in the picture above, you can see the tomatoes that are growing. I have been looking for green tomatoes for a very long time to do fried green tomatoes for dinner one night. I am so excited to be able to do this in a week or so if the weather works with us.

The electrical cords help to bring a little heat to the garden in the form of lights. This will help the garden to get through the freeze with little to no damage from frost. Again tonight we will have to cover the plants, but then we should be good for a couple more weeks. 

All in all the garden is still doing really well. I will post again next month and let you know how it’s going.

Have a great day! 


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