Ranch Remedy

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I am always looking for natural ways to treat our animals when we have minor injuries. I love the way this works and I think my animals do too!

We have a buck that constantly gets scurs because his dehorning didn’t go as well as it should have. Once they grow in a little bit, he knocks them off and it bleeds. We have been using another brand on it for the last year since we got him and he does not like it!

When he sees us coming with the bottle he runs and hides. I would guess that he is telling me that this other brand hurts when we apply it to the spot on his head. The first time we came out with the Ranch Remedy bottle, he ran and hid. It took both me and Aarron to hold him so we could put it on his head. However, once I applied it, he quit fighting us. Now I don’t have an issue and I can treat him myself again. Because of this alone, I would recommend this for anyone who has animals. And of course, it’s been tested on humans not animals!

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