Breeding Pigs

 From what I know so far, breeding pigs seems to be pretty straight forward. Put the pigs together and then let them do their thing. Of course you want to make sure that your pigs are healthy before any breeding so I would suggest having a vet look them over first.

Right now we only have one pen so the male and female are together, but very soon we are going to need another 2 pens. 

We will need 2 pens because we are going to need somewhere to put pappa pig after breeding and we are going to need one for the babies when they are weaned from mamma pig. We are breeding so that we don’t have to pay for meat pigs every year. We butcher 2 pigs every year so that is usually around $100 for the pigs plus feed and water to grow them out. Doing it this way, we will only have the feed and water to grow them out plus if she has more than 2 we can sell the rest for profit.

This is another way that we can make money from the homestead every year. Around here meat pigs sell anywhere from $50 to $100 each. I believe most pigs have litters of usually at least 3 or 4 or more. So that would be an extra $100 minimum coming in to the homestead every year. As we get better at this, we can upgrade the pens to keep them better.

I have to say that I am so looking forward to working with piglets again. I just hope that mamma pig will not be super over protective so we can start working with them early. Either way, we will have to start early so that they will be friendly when we go to sell them. This will make them easier to catch and easier to handle when they sell.

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