Kidding on the homestead is an exciting time! I love seeing the new babies and watching mom’s be mom’s. Of course there are times that I have had to bottle feed because mom doesn’t take well or she has a problem of some sort, such as mastitis. We have been dealing with chronic mastitis in one of our does and if it doesn’t clear up soon, we will be bottle feeding hers again this year.

The kids are absolutely adorable and so worth all the work if you have to bottle feed. There are a few things you want to have on hand for kidding. Molasses for momma after the birth to help give her back some energy. The sugar will do her wonders. I usually try to put it in warm water rather than cold. You will want to have iodine on hand to dip the umbilical cords to help keep them from getting infected. You will want clean towels on hand to help momma clean up the kids after birth. Especially if they are born at night in the winter. 

 These were Astra’s kids last year. Lilly is getting bigger every day. We lost Butterscotch last month. I was heartbroken. We still don’t know what happened. This is one thing that no one wants to talk about though. The heartache that happens when you lose one. It does and will happen I just hope that it doesn’t happen very often because that hurts.

When all goes well, kidding is very exciting and fun. I love seeing the new babies especially when they start to play, which is pretty quickly after birth. 

Have a great day!


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