Flattening the Curve


I know we are all getting tired of dealing with COVID, but we need to remember that it’s not over yet. I don’t think I have left my house but maybe 5 times since the beginning of March. I have to worry about my father coming down with this virus. He has COPD among other things so I have been trying really hard to keep this virus from coming home. I am working with @AspireIQ to help provide a reminder of why we need to #flattenthecurve. 

     We need to remember first and foremost, to #staythefuckhome especially if you are sick. If you can’t stay home, wear a mask and wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash. #socialdistancing is always a good thing right now. But #safehandschallenge is big!  At home we can make sure that we are disinfecting surfaces we often touch. 

     I know we can’t stay home forever, but when we do go out we just need to make sure that we are safe about it. Not just for you but for your neighbors as well. 

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