Breeding Goats

 Breeding goats can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Of course a lot of it depends on why you are breeding. If you are breeding for stock, you can just put a couple does in with your buck and be done with it. However, if you are breeding to sale there is a little more that goes into it. 

If you’re breeding to sale, you need to make sure that you are providing better than the next person. This means that you need a good buck and a good doe that will make great kids. You need to look at conformation, and genetic lines to ensure that everything you want in kid is present without things that you don’t want in your kids, such as 3 or more teats or other defects that would make a kid unsaleable. 

Cookie, pictured above, would not be a good selection for breeding because she has a few issues. With her missing hoof, her whole hind end is kind of twisted so I would be afraid of complications in delivery with her for starters. She is also CAE positive so she could pass that on to her kids. If you remove them as soon as they are delivered and raise them on bottles, there is chance they won’t have it, but it’s not a chance I am willing to take. Not only can she pass it to her kids, but she can also pass it to the buck who breeds her. This would mean that buck could not be used with any other does. So, because of this, Cookie is not a selection for breeding here.

Desi has 3 teats, however, we still chose to breed her because my understanding is that this is something that is handed down genetically through the male not the female. That and she has a wonderful producing udder for milk, even with the 3 teats. It just gets a bit messy when trying to milk her but otherwise she is a good choice for breeding for us. 

So you have to know why you are breeding before you can decide who to choose and who not to choose. If you don’t know why you want to breed then you could end up with some kids that you can’t do anything with. Just some food for thought on this one.

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