New Milk Shed

 My husband loves me! I have had a hard time getting a place that is just mine for milking Desi. His father sent him down this carport that was supposed to go to our car to get it out of the sun but he did this instead!

My milk stand is in there along with everything else that I need for milking. I need a spot in the shade because by the time I get to the milking, it’s starting to get hot here. Also, the bull calf we have is running around the yard at this point and he was getting to be  a pain in the butt when I would try to milk.

Another nice thing about this is that I am now closer to the back yard where the goats are at. This means it’s easier to get her to the stand in the first place. However, now that we have moved it, I have to retrain her to where it is. She keeps trying to go to where it was…lol. 

Still it is so nice to have this little space to myself and not have to worry about cleaning up after anyone else but me now. Plus it’s nicer for Desi too because she doesn’t have all the other animals bothering her while I am trying to milk. I adore my new spot.

Let me see your milking areas! 

Have a great day!


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