Greenhouse Fall Plans

 We use the greenhouse all year long so in the fall we start to get it ready for winter. In the summer we open it up so that essentially it is just a shaded spot for potted plants and herbs. In the winter, we need to bulk it up so that it stays warm.

You can see by the picture above that the greenhouse is pretty open right now. That’s because it’s still hitting over 100 degrees most days, yes even thought it’s October now. Yesterday we broke a record high of 102 degrees by hitting 103. So eventually, when the weather starts cooling down here we replace the windows that go around the greenhouse in the winter.

It will look more like this one where you can see the windows in the background. The windows will help to keep the heat in. We also use a light when it decides that it’s going to freeze here to help with keeping the temperature up to around 70 degrees at night. During the day, we can unplug the light because most days are warm enough for it.

I love having the ability to grow year round and our greenhouse allows us to do just that. Of course here in the desert it’s a little easier. I don’t have to make sure the greenhouse is completely sealed up because we don’t get as cold as most places so it’s fairly easy for us to grow year round because of that.

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