Garden Progress

 I am so proud of my Hubby Aarron. He has made this wonderful garden and has actually made it grow. This is the first time he has ever attempted to grow anything so he should be proud of this work of art!

I am amazed at how much is coming out of the garden this year. The beans have finally started growing beans. Up till now, I have only a small half pint of beans. However, over the last two days, he has pulled in almost a 5 gallon bucket of beans! This winter, even if we have nothing else, we have beans so this means will always have something to eat. 

The cucumber is growing insane now as well. We got 5 just yesterday with more still growing. I have been making pickles with them because Aarron will eat them all by themselves so we always have to have them on hand. Getting the cucumber out of the garden is making this so easy for me to do. Of course we also have others so I need other ideas on how to use them other than salads.

Now I have a question for anyone who grows sunflowers. All of the sunflowers on this line do not follow the sun. I cannot for the life of me find a reason why this would be. They always face east! So they point to the sun in the morning, but that’s it. Any ideas on why this is happening would be greatly appreciated because we can’t figure it out.

We have melons and pumpkins growing now too. So it seems to me that we had to get through the hottest part of the summer before we got much of anything. Now though the garden is producing like crazy. I think over the last couple weeks, Aarron has harvested something like 5 watermelon and they have been so good. Even the cow thinks so!

I’m not sure you can see it, but we have a pumpkin growing in there! I love to have fresh pumpkin for bread and pies and muffins and all the other pumpkin things. This is my favorite time of year because the pumpkins will be ripening so very soon.

So that’s how the garden is progressing at this time.

Have a great day!


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