Greenhouse Progress

 As fall is moving in for most of the country, we are still over 100 degrees just about every day so far. I keep hoping on one hand for cooler weather, but at the same time, the greenhouse is doing so well right now that I don’t want it to get colder. 

I am so excited about how well the greenhouse has done this year. When it does decide to get colder, Aarron will again enclose it with glass and tarps to keep the heat in but at the moment it’s almost open. There is shade cloth on the top and chicken wire around the outer edge.
The basil is once again ready to harvest. I’ve done so about 10 times this year so far. I’m not sure what’s up with the tomato plants. I get great looking tomato plants but very few tomatoes. Talk about frustrating! I am still trying to figure out what I am doing wrong there. If you have any ideas by all means let me know. I would love to have a tomato harvest for a change.

The picture above is my tomato plants. Like I said great plants, but we have yet to get a tomato off it. None ever seem to grow even though I know they are being pollinated. I have seen the bees in there doing their thing and some we have even tried to pollinate ourselves with no luck still. So Frustrating!

So that’s how the greenhouse looks right now. Everything is growing great and producing so much (well at least some items anyways). I am loving how well it is growing right now.
Have a great day!

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