Getting your Pool Ready for Fall and Winter

I know many people tear down an above ground pool for fall and winter and then put it back up when summer is coming. However, we have found that it’s actually real easy to get it ready for fall and winter so when summer comes it just needs a good vacuum and it’s ready to go.
The most important part of getting the pool ready for fall and winter is chlorine. Make sure that you will have enough chlorine to get through the fall and winter months. You will want to make sure that you always have chlorine in the water. This will keep the pool from turning green on you while you’re not using it.

The next thing we do is make sure it has a new filter. This will ensure that your pump doesn’t get clogged up during the months you are not using it. We have replaced the filter every fall and it’s good until summer. In the summer, we vacuum it real good and replace the filter again.

The last thing to remember is to make sure it stays full. This will ensure that your pump will continue to work effectively the whole winter. That’s it! As long as the pool has enough chlorine it will stay clear all winter long.
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