Getting Ready for Fall With Cows

So, this is our first year having a cow on the homestead so we are not really sure what to expect for the winter months here with him. I think we are mostly ready for fall and winter with Bambi but there are still a few things we want to take care of before the colder weather sets in.
I know that we will need to make sure that his shelter is in good order. We will need to make it a little bigger so that he can fit into it when he gets a little bigger. To help keep him warm, we will use hay in the floor for him to bed down in at night.

I am thinking that is all that may need to be done for Bambi but I think we may want to cover at least one side of the pen with sheeting or ply wood or something to help with the winds. We may only do this at the one end where his shelter is. I’m not sure on that yet.

I’m sure I will post pictures later once we get it all done. Is there anything I am missing to get this guy ready for the winter months? If you know of anything please let me know. Leave a comment below with other suggestions on how to get ready for fall and winter.
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