Getting Ready for Fall – Goats

 So here, when fall finally decides to come, we start getting everything together for kidding in the winter time. Because it stays so mild here, we don’t have to do as much as some in other areas. We don’t usually have to worry about heat because it doesn’t get cold to the extreme here. Although we do hit freezing and below occasionally so we do try to have heat lamps and warming blankets on hand, just in case.

In the fall we start our breeding. We only have three to breed so far this year so it will be once a month. Falene was in last month so she will be due in January (providing she took). Astra is in this month so she will be due in February. Then either October or November, Desi will go in with Huckleberry making her due April or May. We are starting to gather everything that will be or might be needed during kidding so that we have it all on hand by the time the kids start to get here.
The other thing we do to get ready for winter, is to make sure that everyone has a good layer of bedding in the shelters. We use the hay they waste for this and just pile it in the shelter. This helps them to hold their body temps at night if it does get colder here. 
Thankfully, that is really all we have to do to get ready for winter with the goats. I would love to hear what you have to do to get ready for winter. Leave me a comment below and let me know!
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