Fall Garden

So, it’s time to shift from summer to fall and with that comes the planting of the fall garden. Here in Arizona, our growing season is so much longer than most other places because we don’t usually have our first frost until November so that gives us time to plan for the fall garden to carry us through most of winter.

So while some of our summer garden is still producing, Aarron has been removing what is done and replacing them with fall items like broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce. This will allow us to have fresh vegetables long into the winter months. I think this is probably the main reason I love living in Southern Arizona.

Then we also have the greenhouse to use and run us through the rest of winter. Of course my greenhouse is usually more about herbs and medicinal plants, but we have used it to carry over tomatoes through the winter.

So I can’t wait to continue showing you and telling you what is coming out of the garden here as the year progresses.

Have a great day!


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