We are still learning so much about gardening every day. We have found that living in the desert, watering is usually the biggest issue no matter what. It seems that most of our garden problems have occurred because either we were watering too much or too little. Usually too little.

Aarron has been working on setting up a sprinkler system for the garden. Of course we have little to no budget for this so he has been mostly working with items we have here already. He had about 5 sprinkler heads that he has set up on poles in the garden.

That line there on the fence is part of the system. That is one line that supplies the system. He added some bottles near all the vine plants so they get a bit more water than everything else which seems to work. Plus he has the garden hose to water any areas the sprinklers don’t reach. It seems like a long process every day and every night. But it is slowly getting easier.

We also reuse all the water in the yard that we are able to. The water from the animals gets pumped to the tank at the front of the garden. If we have to change the water in the pool, it goes into the garden too. We also collect rain water to put in the garden. There are so many ways that water can be reused in the garden and it helps to save a little money on the water bill too.

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