Water Conservation

Living in the desert, water is always an issue. Because of this, we have stated to learn ways to conserve water.  Rain water is a big one.

We don’t really get a lot of rain here, so we have to make sure we can collect as much as possible when it does rain. With this in mind, Aarron has several different containers around the house that are used to collect the rain.


Aarron uses these to help with watering the garden. Also when we change the waters for the animals, he pumps that water up to the garden as well. We try to reuse everything that holds water and funnel it to the garden. Even the water from the pool! We use every bit of water of we can in more ways than one to ensure the garden gets enough water. If we change the waters for the animals and the garden doesn’t need water right then, he has set up a holding tank that will hold all the water from the animals. It is pictured below, and he has piped it to go right into the garden also. All he has to do is flip a valve and it will drain into the garden.

So this is how we work to conserve water in the desert. What are ways that you conserve water? Leave me a comment below and let me know your ideas.

Have a great day!


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