Caring for Does (Female Goats)

So I am learning that caring for does is a little different than caring for bucks or wethers. Does need more protein in their diets for starters. Does also need grain when they are milking, but not so much when they are not milking. Then you have to think about udder care as well, which you obviously don’t have to worry about with bucks.

We have been learning about udder care the hard way. Astra has a chronic case of mastitis which she came here with, we just didn’t know it. We were very new to caring for goats when Astra, Falene, and Cress came to live here. Astra and Falene were also pregnant when they got here. Thankfully their original owner did let us know that. We just didn’t know when they would kid. We were told in Feb. they were due but both kidded in January instead. So we have been doing the very strong learning curve on these guys.

So for the girls, they need grain and alfalfa. A good quality alfalfa for better nutrition. Of course they need clean water. They also need baking soda and loose minerals that are left free choice so they are available when they need them. There is hoof care to worry about. There is udder care to worry about. The girls udders should be firm but not hard. If it gets hard, there is likely a problem, such as mastitis. We tried different treatments that didn’t seem to work so had to have a milk culture done by the vet to determine the type of mastitis so we could treat that specific type. Thankfully, now Astra is doing better and hopefully will be able to nurse her kids this year.

So while we are still learning how to properly care for our goats, they are getting better and their coats are really starting to shine. Their attitudes are even improving. So I am looking forward to kidding season this year again!

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