Cleaning Goat Pens

To keep your goats healthy you will need to make sure that the goat pens are kept clean. This is really an easy thing to do with just a few good tools to make the job easy.

A good hay rake will help to make the job easier. The hay rake is just a plastic rake that slides along the ground and picks up the hay. A hard rake will come in handy at times too to get all the harder stuff out of the pen.

To keep the pens clean we generally rake them out once a week. However, sometimes they will need to be done a couple times during the week. We use the hay rake first to get all the loose hay off the ground. If it needs more to come out we grab the hard rake and go to it. Shovel everything into the wheelbarrow and it’s done.

We move everything out of the pens to our compost pile that will later be used in the garden. We keep it piled in the back with the chickens so that they will go through it every day and we just keep raking it into a pile and spraying it down with water to keep the chickens coming back to it to keep it turning. This will make the compost usable for the garden in about a month.

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