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When you own goats, it’s very likely that you will need to milk them. There are some simple, but essential items you will want to have on hand when that time comes.

The first and probably most important thing you will need is your stanchion. This is the easiest way to keep you doe still while you milk.

This doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to work. My husband and my neighbor’s dad built this one from scraps we had laying around the house. The board at the front will pivot to hold the doe’s head. This is what keeps her on the stand. We have a chain that goes across her neck and attaches to the other side to hold her. There is also a small feeder on the front that I put sweet feed in to keep her occupied while I milk.

The next thing you will need is a bucket for water and rags. You’ll want to wipe down her teats before milking to make sure they are clean. Warm water is nice but just water will do. You will also need a stainless steel bucket to milk into if you are going to milk by hand. I use an electric milker that my husband made for me so I use dark amber mason jars to hold the milk.

Finally you want something to help fight mastitis and other bacteria from getting into the udder after milking. I use Fight Bac for this but there are so many other options as well. You can do a search online to find something that will work for you, or you can purchase this one through the link on Amazon. 

These, in my opinion, are the most important things to have when you start milking your goats but I’m sure other people have other items they keep on hand as well. If you have something that you refuse to go to the milk stand without, please leave me a comment below and let me know what it is!

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  1. Oh my gosh! You should try it. It actually, to me, tastes so much better straight from the udder. And it's better for you because it hasn't been processed.

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