Garden Progress

I have to say we are having so much fun with this garden. It it putting out so much stuff that I am amazed at how well hubby has done with it considering he has never gardened before.

You can above that the garden is very green and growing so well. Aarron planted this garden to supplement our groceries and the animal feed. The barley has all been harvested and is in the process of drying for the animals. The corn didn’t do so well. We got one ear…lol. Last year we got 2. The flax has been harvested and is drying for use for my dad.
Everyday Aarron brings in squash and zucchini from the garden. If anyone has any good recipes for them I would love to hear them. The beans and the peas are doing good. I almost have enough peas for a meal now and Aarron says there are more to come in yet.

The sunflowers are for the animals. They are just starting to flower now so a few more weeks yet and we can harvest those to dry the seeds for the animals. 

Then we have a couple pomegranate bushes and potato plants outside the garden that doing amazing. The pomegranate was transplanted last year and already has blooms on it this year. I was surprised about that.  My canner should be here soon, so I will be able to preserve a lot of what comes in too.
Have a great day!

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