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With the pandemic right now, it is recommended that we wear a mask when we go out. So I got this one to try out. 

I had to go to the bank the other day so I was able to use this for that. I have to say that I really dislike wearing a mask so I usually don’t go anywhere but this time I had to. I am very claustrophobic so for me it is very difficult to wear a mask. The paper masks that are more rectangle in shape I have a very hard time with.

This mask is actually very comfortable. It sits naturally the way it’s supposed to, under the chin and over the nose. There is a metal peice on the nose that you can shape to fit you properly. The ear holds are soft so they didn’t hurt my ears at all and I wore it for about an hour and half. I was able to breathe pretty easy with this one. My claustrophobia didn’t really come up much with this mask like it does with the other ones.

So I guess, for a mask, this one works really well and was comfortable to wear so I would recommend this to others. 

You can get this here:
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