Garden Progress

I am so happy at how Hubby’s garden is coming along. We have already started to harvest some of it and others will be coming soon.

This is one side of the garden. Hubby planted sunflower, corn, buckwheat, barley, peas, beans, squash, and watermelon. Everything seems to be growing really well and we are both learning more about gardening then we ever thought we would.

The corn may not be doing so well and we are not sure why. The stalks themselves are growing great but we can’t seem to figure out why we only get an ear or two of corn. If any of you have any suggestions on this I would love to hear them as we can’t figure out where we are going wrong with it.

I will continue to update on the garden and what we are harvesting out of it. I am so proud of my hubby for getting this going so we don’t have to depend on others for our food or for the food for our animals.

Have a great day!


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