Turtle Bedspread Set

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This bedspread is so cute. I plan on giving this to my grand daughter Persephone and I believe she will love it.

This bedspread is big! In the picture it is on my full size bed, but if you watch my video about this bedspread on YouTube, you will see it is sold as a twin size bedspread. So, if Persephone doesn’t like it, I guess I can always keep it for my bed. 

I love that this bedspread is thin. In the Arizona summer, thin is good. It should be perfect for use here because it is thin. I have to have a blanket on me at night, so something thin and light is always a good choice. So far, I adore this set and can’t wait to see how Sephy will feel about it.

You can get this on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NSS4V5P.

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