Bathing Goats

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I have to say that I truly do love my goats, however, they can get dirty at times. I have found that most of my goats do not like water. And I mean to the point they run away from me when I have the water hose. So, I had to get creative to make sure they aren’t always dirty.

I chose a dry shampoo. Something I could spray on them and not have to wash off. I then use their brush to brush it into the coat and massage it into the skin. The shampoo that I use is from Bodhi Dog and can be found on Amazon. I love that this is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time. I also love that my goats that are afraid of water, will allow me to use this on them with no issues.

However, Butterscotch, pictured above, loves the water and gets into her water bowl several times a day so she is easy to get with any type of shampoo but I still use the dry shampoo on her as well, just because that’s what I have out there for them. She loves the brushing she gets with it too so for her it’s a win-win situation.

So, if you have goats that like to play in the water, or goats that are afraid of the water, you can still give them a bath to ensure they are not disgustingly dirty all the time. What do you use to bathe your goats (or other animals)?

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