With this virus going around, I am one those grandma’s that cannot see their grand babies right now.  For me this is very hard, I am used to having them around all the time. Right now, it seems they are spread across the globe. I have 3 in South Korea at the moment, 1 in Tucson, and 1 one is Colorado.

This one had a birthday last month and we weren’t able to see her other than on video chat. I guess it’s nice that we have that at least. Once upon a time, that wouldn’t have even been an option.

This one is so close yet so far away. I did get to see him a few weeks ago, but because we care for my dad, I wasn’t able to snuggle with him when he came out. He is growing so fast. He’s only a year old, but he is looking more and more like a little boy rather than a toddler now.

So, to take our minds off of not have the grand kids around, hubby and I have working the land and taking care of the animals to make sure that all is good here when they are able to come back around again. It just seems like right now, that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Is anyone else having a hard time not being able to see your kids or grand kids?

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  1. I hope & pray- things normalize & you see your grandkids soon. I guess the grandchildren & grandparents share this warm relation. It use to be the same for us -when we were kids.Me & my sis would wait for school vacations to be with our grandparents.

  2. We are in the same boat! Thanks to video chats, it is the only way to 'meet' our grandchild .. Technology is helping us through this hard time. Things will only get better soon!! Cheers!

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