Goat Kids

So Astra had her babies in March. They are growing so fast. I am loving every day with them though.

Butterscotch, pictured above, has quite the personality. She loves to jump and climb on anything and everything she can. When  I come outside, she starts yelling at me until I go to the fence to give her some love. The coloring on this girl is so different from what I have ever seen before. I wish I could get some better pictures to show her coloring better. She is white with cream spots on her.

Lilly is a little more reserved of the two. She loves to play on the swing. She will actually get herself on the swing and swing back and forth. When she is done she will jump over the swing to get off of it. Her attitude is very sweet. She enjoys getting love and will come to the fence anytime I get near to it.

These two girls are completely different. One is rambunctious while the other is more reserved. One calls for her attention while the other waits until I come to her. I’m pretty sure that they are going to be a pleasure to watch grow.

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