Microfiber Duster

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I have been looking for a duster that I could use to get the ceiling fan with and I finally found it!

This duster is microfiber, so it picks up everything. I have needed something with a long handle so I could reach the corners of the ceiling and the ceiling fan with. This handle is long and it will go longer so it should work with the vaulted ceilings too.

I’ve never been a big fan of microfiber, but this one works really well. I love how easy it is to use as well. The duster part of this is bendable so you can position in just about any way that you might need to in order to get whatever it is that you need to dust.

The way this is put together it allows the fibers to grab the dirt and dust without letting it go. This duster works very well and cleans up easily. I usually just take it outside and shake it really well to get everything out of it. The handle is a twist lock handle so it’s easy to make the handle longer or shorter if you need to. Just twist the handle and pull to lengthen it or push to shorten from the longer pole.

You can get this here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083FP8CZJ

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