Cookie’s New Pen

We had to make a new pen for Cookie because she was originally put in a pen that was supposed to be temporary.  Once we saw that she would not be a good fit with the other girls at night, we knew we had to do something else for her. So, Hubby made her a new pen for night time.

He used some pool panel that we had here and welded it together. In some spots he was able to bolt it, but the majority of it had to be welded. For the gate, he had to come up with a latch to keep it shut. He idea was ingenious, I think.

There was already a part on the door that would go around the other pole on the next panel. We just needed a way to lock it at night. So Hubby bolted on a slide. You slide the part up, shut the gate, and push it down to cover the bar. It works beautifully. 

For shade, he put some plywood around the side and a piece of tin on the top. This gives shade in the pen most of the day. Not that it needs shade during the day, because she is not in the pen during the day. However, there are some times that they have go to their pens during the day, so the shade was needed regardless. 
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