Huckleberry’s Pen

Huckleberry’s pen actually started out as the run for the chicken coop. It is still the run for the chicken coop, but Huckleberry uses it as his pen too. The few chickens that are still in the chicken coop use his pen to get outside the chicken coop. Huckleberry and the chickens get along really well so I have no worries about it being like this.

To make this pen, hubby put the poles in the ground first. We didn’t have concrete so he just made sure the poles are in the ground about a foot or so. However goats can be very rough on fencing because if there is a weak spot they will find it. To attach the top of the pole to the corner of the chicken coop he used a metal strip and screwed it into both the coop and the pole.

This pen is done mostly with chain link panels. Hubby tied them together with wire and he is forever checking to make sure they are still holding because again, goats are very rough on fencing. We had gate that worked perfectly for this pen allowing access through the pen and to the coop.

You can see the latch that was used in the picture above. The panels go around to the other side of the chicken coop. This allows Huckleberry a decent place to roam since he doesn’t get out of the pen very much (we don’t want unexpected pregnancies). He gets to come out for a while most nights when Hubby cleans his pen though. This is after the girls have been put away for the night.

You can see the poles that run across the backside of Huck’s pen. Hubby had to put those up recently because Cress, who is on the other side of that panel, was trying to push through. The poles will help to keep that from happening.

We generally use what we have laying around the homestead to make the pens and other things that we may need. Hubby is amazing about being able to do this. All of this pen cost us about $50. The biggest cost was the hardware to put it all together.

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