Pig Pen

This was another pen that we actually did spend money on the first time we put it up. The first time, we got the hog panels and fence posts from Tractor Supply which ran us about $100. Now we continue to reuse them every time we get pigs.

The first time we put it up, it was square. Hubby put the fence posts in each corner and had a gate on one side. It worked really well and they had a good size pen for the one pig we had that time. Now, after raising the one pig, we realized that we didn’t want the pig pen in the same place every time because the pigs dig into the dirt and make holes.

Now, hubby uses the frame from a pool with the hog panels attached to it. He stakes the pen to the ground because the pigs will lift the frame up and come out if you don’t. There is some shade cloth on one side of the pen to help provide shade for the pigs. There is also a truck bed in the pen for their shelter. To make this hubby put two fence posts in front of it and tied it up to it. The pigs like to climb on the shelter, so every few days hubby has to go in and reraise the shelter.

Now, when we get the next set of pigs, hubby will unstake the pen from the ground and move it to where it will be the next time. In this way, we can use the dirt to start another compost pile while making sure the holes don’t get to the point of being unmanageable. Eventually, we will be putting up two more pens so that we can breed pigs. This way we won’t have to spend the money to buy them every year.

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