New Garden

So since we have all been at home for the most part, we decided we would start an actual garden, in addition to the greenhouse. This garden will serve two purposes: first, it will help to feed the animals, and second it help to feed us.

While I know that right now it doesn’t look like much (Hubby just finished planting it when this was taken), in a few short weeks, hopefully it will start to look like we know what we are doing. Hubby tilled the ground and then leveled it. Then using the tractor/mower he plowed the rows. Today he actually got to plant it and water it. So hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to see some growth.

It’s a pretty good plot of the yard that gets full sun. I can’t remember what all was planted there but there is some ground cover and some climbing plants that will need something to climb on. I know that some sunflowers went in it. Buckwheat and flax seed too. So here’s to a good growing season this year.

This plus what we have in the greenhouse, I shouldn’t have to buy veggies at all this year. I hope anyways. Did you start a garden this year? I would love to hear what you are planting or what you would like to plant if your growing season hasn’t started yet.

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3 thoughts on “New Garden

  1. From Toffee the cat: That is a BIG garden. Wish mine was bigger as I love to explore and frighten the birds. Good luck with the gardening.

  2. We live in flat and do not have space for cultivation. my husband David has brought some flower pots of variety – we have hibicus, rose, marigold, a few variety of cactus and i just started trying to sow seeds for kitchen gardening..

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