What Do You Need For Pigs

You want to raise pigs but what do you need? Of course part of the answer depends on what you want them for, but the easy answer is food, water, and shelter.

Pigs have different uses on a homestead and this will determine what you need for them before you bring your pig home. The most basic needs are a safe pen with shelter to get out of the elements, clean water, and food. These are the main items that will help your pig to grow and thrive. Of course there are other things you can get for them as well, but I have found that as far as toys are concerned, don’t spend a lot of money. They will take what you have available.

We had one pig that enjoyed playing with a bowling ball that we had here in the yard. We’ve also had luck with different sized balls that were again from around the yard. They will also climb on things that are not too high for them to get on. Ours like to get up on their shelter, so hubby has to go in and lift it back up every couple of days.  They will also need a mud hole. This is just a hole in the ground that you fill with water so they can play in it. Especially in the summer time, as this is how they will cool off as well.

For food, you will want to make sure that you get a good food. We have always used MannaPro grower food. It contains the protein they will need to grow and to thrive. Finally, just make sure they have clean water. This can be a big challenge. We have to change the water twice a day to keep it cleanish. They will climb in their water bowl if it’s big enough. They will dump it over if it’s not big enough.

Plus, they can eat anything out of the kitchen. Our pigs get all the leftovers from the kitchen so we have no food waste. I love having the pigs around for that reason alone, but I have to say, they can make really good pets too.

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